Welcome to Chasing Dragonz, home of the Contemporary Sages.

We the sages are simply a small group of friends who have decided to try and make a difference in the world by using the best tools available to us, which are our unique natures and off the board sense of humor.
Here you can listen along to our podcasts while discourse on modern pop culture. Our group’s goal is to provide entertainment and friendship to other like minded individuals who wish to play video games with us, watch movies together or generally “shoot the shit”.
You may also read Oz’s ongoing story “Villain” about a young man who comes to find out he is destined to destroy the world. We also have art and other things for sale.

Though it’s not necessary to follow the story or podcasts we’d like you to join us in becoming premium members for a small donation that will give you access to all of the sites features. But wait! Before you let that disway you let me first tell you that we are a charitable organization and we donate whatever we don’t use to help us with the time and money spent on site upkeep we will be donating to children in need.

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