Welcome to Chasingdragonz.com,
This is the home of freelance writer Oz Roman. Here you can check out some of my work using the links provided to the left, or get information on how to contact me. Right now I’m currently in the process of updating the website so there’s not much here to look at, but you can still contact me for jobs at chasingdragonz@yahoo.com

I am currently writing a novel entitled Villain:
Orion is a world much like a modern day Earth but with the exception of fantasy races such as elves, dwarves and Fae, that are integrated into the worlds society. Most of the events that have occurred in our world have also occurred in Orion but there are drastic differences, such as World War two ending by the grace of a powerful Necromancer woman who used an army supernatural beings, such as ghouls, vampires and wraiths to destroy Hitler’s Nazi regime.

Without giving to much about the book away, it’s about a young man named Mordred who is the son of the necromancer woman who stopped Hitlers army. The genre is mainly a romantic horror comedy.

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